May 21, 2024


My goal with this blog is just to write about whatever I’m thinking about at the moment. If I end up writing about significantly important topics or events, I spend a lot of time  researching and do my best to fact check everything that I write. That doesn’t mean opinion doesn’t find it’s way into an article but I do attempt to always make it clear when it’s an opinion piece.

In general, I would like stick to topics of science, nature, computers, tech, and photography but some topics especially science can drag politics in. I don’t want to be overly political and would always like to remain non-partisan but sometimes some issues ride right along the boundaries of politics and opinion and can get into those gray areas. When I write about something that I think might be misread as political, I will add the “politics” tag to it. That in no way means that the article is a political statement, it just means that perhaps I’m quoting someone relevant to the story who has a political bias. In those cases I will try to provide quotes from other points of view or will try to apply perspective to the nuances of the issue.


Chris is a creative and experienced website and web application developer with over 6 years of experience creating UI excellence and fluid User Experiences, bringing modern responsive web environments that engage users. Chris also has an additional 8 years of graphic design and publishing expertise that was perfected in the years prior to entering the web development world. Since modern website environments are necessarily and universally graphic and visual, both skill sets blend together perfectly.

Chris’ focus on teamwork, coordination, and communication makes him a valuable asset to any team; creating interactive websites and spectacular graphics, in addition to demonstration videos for trade shows and training.