June 25, 2024

Thanks for the air, Amazon…

I’m always amazed by the packaging that amazon uses when shipping orders.  A 6″x10″x4″ box stuffed with bags of air for an $11 battery that was 2.5″x2.25″x0.22″.  Shipping label says it’s from Chattanooga, TN.  Now I have a sample of air from Chattanooga.  I wonder what it smells like… Just a second. I’ll check…

Well I’ve whiffed it now… Seems to mostly smell like plastic. I guess the bag smell is overwhelming the smell of Chattanooga air; Unless that is what Chattanooga smells like. I haven’t been there in a while so I’m not sure.
One thousand years from now, future humans may want to study past Earth’s air composition but there might not be any glaciers left from which to recover ice core samples.  Never fear… Amazon has got you covered.  There will be an ample supply of air samples.  Landfills will be the glaciers of the future.  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch will store vast samples valuable to future climatologists.

Moving on…
I’m glad my battery was well protected during shipment. It’s a Samsung battery so you can never be too careful 😉
Fortunately my phone is from a time before a phone was a small bomb we carried in our pockets so I feel that the airbags were a little overkill.

Anyway, with Prime free shipping on a $10.99 item, I wonder how much profit they made using a $2-3 box, plus the labor to pack, and shipping costs.

There was also another time, not too long ago, when I got an HDMI splitter. Here’s how that was packed.

Alright… enough picking on Amazon.  I like them and they do provide a great service for a very reasonable price.  But I can’t help thinking of that guy who got a gun safe that can hold 48 guns on Prime for free shipping.
The Heaviest Thing Amazon Will Ship.
Now I’m getting sidetracked.  Super-heavy items shipped free is a whole other story.  I was mostly writing here about really small items shipped in large packaging.


Update… while Googling around I just found a heavier item Amazon will ship for free.  Item Weight: 6,700 pounds, Product Dimensions: 136 x 57 x 43 inches
Geared Head Engine Lathe.


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