April 25, 2024

What is this mini-cricket/grasshopper thing?

I took this picture of a bug in my front yard. It seems very cricket-like, tiny and aqua-marine colored. I have never seen a cricket with this coloration or size. Maybe the nymph phase. It has more slender length to width ratio than a cricket. There are a few of them and it seems they only want the nectar from the flowers.

Katydid Nymph
Some Kind of Cricket Nymph Thing I found in my front yard.

Body size is about 1 cm on the largest specimen I could find. Most of them were more like .75 cm or less. Some of the larger ones started developing curled wing-like projections that didn’t look very functional for flight. Cool looking, but what is it?

Someone told me, “I believe this is a katydid nymph.”

I did a google image search using several variations on these and similar keywords. Nothing looks quite right. Some are similar but no match. Given the vast variety in the insect world though, I think this is probably a really good guess. I don’t think it is a cricket nymph but I did see a few grasshopper nymph pictures that were somewhat close. I also read that the katydid and cricket is a type of grasshopper, both in the order Orthoptera.

So who knows… I just wanted to write a quick post before bedtime. If anyone knows what this bug is, feel free to leave it in the comments below.



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